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Services We Offer
The services we offer are from the planning stage of your web site, through to setting up and/or maintaining your web site and everything in between.
We can arrange a meeting to discuss the aims and objectives you have for your web site. Including what information to put on the web site and the layout for each page.
Domain name registration.
The next big decision to be made is, what should your domain name be e.g. www.Working-Online.co.nz. This can be your company name or if you are promoting a brand name product, www.product-name.co.nz could be available.
Keep the domain name simple, remember it is just like your phone number. For people to use it, they need to be able to remember it. You can have more than one domain name going to the same web site.
Write down some ideas and we can discuss these at our meeting.
Hosting of your web site.
For you to have a web site on the internet, you must have an Internet company host your site. Part of our service includes helping you decide on the hosting company.
Listing your site with search engines.
We have a standard package that is included with all of our web site creations.

Send us an enquiry.
Updating your Web site.
Information or details can be changed at any time. Nothing is set in stone, as with brochures or any printed media.
Take a look at your brochures. How much of the information on them is current, i.e. is that the latest photo of the product, is the text still correct, what about the contact details?
With your web site you can update any or all the information.
When looking at a web site, getting it on the Internet is not the end. Like anything, if you want your web site to be a success, there needs to be continuous marketing. Add your web site address to everything that goes out of your office. This includes fax cover sheets, e-mails, business cards and include it in all of your advertisements.
You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a successful web site, it is what you do afterwards that makes a web site a hit.

Get your business on the web - it's where your customers are.

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